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Neville & Christine Westerbeek van Eerten

Dr Neville and Christine van Eerten, married for 35 years with three children and three grandchildren currently live in New Zealand. Neville has a proven teaching and prophetic ministry in 13 nations spanning 30 years, with Christine often traveling with him. Having successfully seen tens of thousands come to Christ in crusades, Neville and Christine are focusing on training around 500-1000 pastors and leaders through Asia and Africa each month, and have a vision for registering churches and pastors to build the kingdom of God. Revivalists and fire-starters at heart they have been used of the Lord to start out-pourings in three countries as well as having pastored churches and in senior leadership roles in New Zealand.

He has been called upon to be the keynote speaker at conferences for youth, men, churches, pastors, as well as teach at Bible Colleges and a Theological College. Neville and Christine also spent 7 years full time missions work in Arnhem Land and South Sudan training leaders.

Awakening Impact Ministries Neville Van Eerten 17

Victor Champagna – National Leader Zambia

Victor, his wife Felista, Reverend Moyo and Victor’s son Simon are travelling throughout Zambia teaching from AIM theology notes and fathering  interdenominationally. On average, in one month, the team in Zambia trains around 3-500 pastors and leaders  and see hundreds come to Christ per month. He works closely with government officials, the Baptist Union and other christian ministries to spread the gospel, preach the kingdom, heal the sick and generally destroy the works of the devil.

Awakening Impact Ministries in Zambia has been donated land and a borehole in Zambia thanks to his labour. We are hoping to put a training centre on this land

Pastor Ivan Obbo – National Leader Uganda

Ivan “Prince”, pastor of Oasis of Life Destiny Church, ministers out of Kampala with a spiritual government authority in the realms of evangelism. He has seen close to 1000 come to Christ in the last 9 months and runs two nights of Awakening Impact Ministries school using AIM teaching.  We have seen God recently provide miraculously 2km of power lines to this church through the government, so they do not need to rely on generators. Since they own the land and buildings, AIM is now raising money for a better sound system to grow this church into city church representation of the kingdom of God.

Bishop Sam Musoga

Sam Mugosa is responsible for over 100 churches in North West Uganda. Using Awakening Impact Ministries literature he is now training 215 pastors for ten days each month with the purpose of getting them ordained as AIM pastors by the end of the year.

To train these pastors costs AIM $200NZD per month.Currently we are looking at getting funding for a vehicle for him to enable him to travel safely especially during the wet season.

Pastor John Paschal – Tanzania Awakening Impact Ministries

John Paschal has worked hard to translate Awakening Impact Ministries teachings into Kiswahili, and is travelling around the cities of Tanzania training pastors using AIM materials to teach and train pastors and leaders. We are currently investigating setting up a training facility in Mwanza where one week per month thirty pastors will receive theology training. The expected cost for this is $170NZD per month

Pastor Nouman and Sobia

Pastor Nouman and Sobia first reached out to us in 2014 believing that the Holy Spirit was calling us to help them, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I traveled to Pakistan. This hard-working couple are central to the revival Pakistan is currently experiencing . Besides running their own ministry they are involved in the ministry of Fazal Satellite TV which is beamed to many nations. Sobia is an accomplished singer and besides their own crusades they are involved in the large crusades of over 1m people currently happening in Pakistan. They also have a heart for the under-privileged where Awakening Impact Ministry last year raised funds for Bibles and water purifiers. They have their own orphanage which is only for children that have lost both parents. Working with them, AIM saw at least 19,000 come to Christ in 3 weeks of ministry in 2019.

Neville and Christine are privileged to co-labour with them and Jesus in this wide open door of ministry into Pakistan and beyond.
Pastor Nouman and Sobia