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About the church

Apostles Denis and Lucy are building the kingdom of God as church planters in Kenya. They also have a heart for church planting across the nations. In recent years they have planted three awesome satellite churches in Kenya. As a result, the latest of these satellite churches has grown from zero to 50 in two short months.

The Need

There is a need to buy land to build a mother church, as a result of the land of the current church being sold in January.

The Small Cost

The cost of the land is only between 800,000 and 2,000,000 Kenya shillings. This is only $10,000 to $25,000 NZD (or $7300 to $18200 USD) depending on the quality of the site. The more expensive the land, the better site and road access.

If you wish to donate to this awesome cause please contact us or give directly through the donate page with the words AI City Church, Nairobi

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